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EdCast Knowledge Cloud Continues to Evolve

EdCast Knowledge Cloud Continues to Evolve

We are excited to show off some of the enhancements we have been working on to continue to deliver to leading AI-powered, Knowledge Cloud solution for any organization. There are new development regularly, but this time around, we even impressed ourselves with some amazing updates designed to support our customers needs. If you have any questions or want to learn more about how EdCast continues to innovate, we are happy to personally show you more. Click here to get started.

EdCast Delivers Big Data

If learning occurs, but no one records it, did it really happen? EdCast customers can get standardized dashboards and create business intelligence reports on the fly. There is real-time tracking and reporting of content consumption and engagement activity, which is accessible via APIs.
EdCast Analytics

Easily Create In-app Guides

Users can now create in-app guides on the fly by simply clicking on the icon in the Create menu, broadening the scope of content creation ability to include the creation of custom, guided experiences. GuideMe is now natively embedded in EdCast to allow for in-app rendering of Help files, makes it easier to access valuable content.
GuideMeGuideMe EdCast

EdCast Speaks Your Language

The need to surface different languages in the UI is a major need for all customers. EdCast is now enabled to support up to 30 languages, easily accessible in the header menu, with the ability to add new custom languages easily.

Translate LanguageLanguage Localization

Learn and Earn Badges

Gamification is a method of rewarding users for engaging with designated content. We have studied our customer and have found the best way to pursue the need for gamification is to create a process for assigning badges for any Pathway (a collection of SmartCards). We offer a number of per-designed badges. Users can view and share badges from their Profile page.

EdCast Badging Gamification

EdCast Looks Good

We have listened to our customers and changed some of the design elements to makes better use of the page space; a new header layout to make popular items more accessible, and a broader layout for the feed of content that is easier to consume.

UX EdCast

If you want to learn more about how these enhancements can help your learning effort, let’s set a time for a quick demo. We are proud of the exciting evolution of the EdCast Knowledge Cloud and would appreciate the chance to show it off to you.
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